Before we get started, we have a few pre-requisite installations:

  • 1. Install a Java compiler (1.3 or greater)
  • 2. Install Ant (1.5 or greater)
  • 3. Install Maven
  • 4. Install Tomcat 4 (4.1.12 or higher (last tested on 4.1.30)) or Tomcat 5
  • 5. Install Jetspeed (1.6 release or higher). Release 1.6 includes the tutorial and examples. You can also checkout Jetspeed from the CVS head to get the tutorial.
  • 6. Build Jetspeed. From the root jetspeed directory, type maven dist:install

    To build quicker, without the unit tests,type maven -Dmaven.test.skip=true dist:install
  • 7. Build and install the Jetspeed Plugin. From the /plugin directory, type maven plugin:install