JSP Portlets in the Registry

JSP Portlets are defined like any other portlet: in the portlet registry. In tutorial 8 we define one new portlet:

<portlet-entry name="TutorialStockQuote8" hidden="false" type="ref" 
               parent="JSP" application="false">
        <parameter name="template" hidden="true"
        <parameter name="action" hidden="true"
                   value="portlets.TutorialStockQuoteAction8" />

When defining a JSP portlet, there are two required parameters: the template and the action. The template defines the JSP template which will generate the portlet content. It is your MVC View component. The action is the controller, and it has several responsibilities including handling action events and populating the request attributes. The templates should be placed in the portlets subdirectory of one of your JSP template paths. The action is placed in the module path, conventionally under the portlets directory of the root actions directory.