Change the Portal Bottom Navigation

Next we show how to replace the bottom navigation.


bottomnav.enable turns on or off the bottom navigation.

bottomnav.vm -- You can use your own JSP or Velocity template here to completely customize your bottom navigation. That is exactly what we do here using a Velocity template tailored specifically for the JPortal tutorial.

<table width="100%">
    <td align="left">
       JPortal Tutorial for Jetspeed - Version 1.6<br/>
     #if ($config.getString(""))
     <td align="center">
       <a href="mailto:$config.getString("")">Support and Additional Information</a>
     <td align="right">
       <a href="">
         <img align="right" alt="Bluesunrise" border="0" src="$clink.setURI("images/PoweredBS.gif")">