Portlet API

The Jetspeed Portal API is a set of interfaces describing how a portlet interacts with a portlet container. The Jetspeed Portal API is not to confused with Java Standard Portlet API. The latest version of Jetspeed, Jetspeed 2.0 fully supports the Java standard. Also, Jetspeed Fusion, which runs Portlet API portlet applications inside of Jetspeed 1.6, also supports the standard: Fusion However Fusion is not covered in this tutorial.

With Jetspeed 1.6, every portlet has to implement the Jetspeed-1 Portlet interface:


either directly, or by extending a class that in turn implements the Portlet interface. This tutorial will cover how to implement most methods on the interface. It is usually recommended to extend one of the higher level foundation portlet classes, such as the CustomizerVelocity portlet or DatabaseBrowserPortlet portlet. The AbstractPortlet and AbstractInstancePortlet classes provide an abstract portlet implementation of the Portlet interface with the most common functionality, leaving only a few methods to be implemented by you.