Site Map - Getting Started

The next step is for us to layout the portal site map. We do this using a specialized portal XML-derivative called PSML (Portlet Structure Mark-up Language).

When designing your portal, you should consider how users will navigate around your site. In our example portal, we will allow for anonymous users to access the site, and also for authenticated users to access areas of the site where they are authorized (more on Site Security in the next tutorial).

In this tutorial, we will:

Lets get started. From the JPortal /tutorial distribution root directory, type:

maven -Dtutorial=3 jetspeed:deploy

Recommend bringing up these configuration files in your editor:

  • 1. tutorials/3/anon/html/default.psml
  • 2. tutorials/3/turbine/html/default.psml

since we will reference them in tutorial 3.