Welcome to the Jetspeed Portal Tutorial

The Jetspeed Portal Tutorial, JPortal is a hands on tutorial for learning how to develop portlets and administer the portal with Jetspeed. This tutorial is specifically written for version 1.6 of Jetspeed. To summarize, this tutorial teaches how to:

  • Download and Build Jetspeed
  • Setup your own Portal project
  • Tailor the Portal Design
  • Localise Your Portal
  • Build a Portal Site Map
  • Implement a Portal Security Policy
  • Learn how to write a Jetspeed Portlet
  • Learn how to write Velocity, JSP, and MVC Portlets
  • Hands on Development with Database Portlets
  • Hands on Development with XSLT Portlets

The JPortal tutorial comes complete with ready to use source code. It also comes with a fully working project to build a portal. This project is based on Maven, an open source project management tool. Following the guide lines in this tutorial, you can quickly learn how to build your own portal site with the same Jetspeed project management framework.

For more information on getting started with Jetspeed, see the Jetspeed Documentation.