Change the Portal Top Navigation

Navigations are carried over from the Turbine-2 classic web application design. A website generally has a top and bottom navigation scheme. This is generally defined as the header and footer of the website. Jetspeed allows three navigations: top, bottom, and left. For JPortal, we override navigation properties in Here are the top navigation settings:

# topnav.enable=true
# topnav.vm=top.vm
# topnav.logo.url=
# topnav.logo.file=images/jportal.gif
# topnav.user_login.enable=true


topnav.enable turns on or off the top navigation. Try turning it off. You won't see the logo or login edit fields.

We have already described topnav.logo.file and topnav.logo.url in the previous section.

topnav.user_login.enable turns on or off the single sign on edit fields for entering a username and password.

topnav.user_creation.enable turns on or off the link to the Enter New User portlet. We will modify the default setting and set it to false.

topnav.vm is the most powerful setting. You can use your own JSP or Velocity template here to completely customize your top navigation.