Site Security

Securing portal resources is a very important part of defining your portal site. You do not want non-authorized users accessing critical resources. Jetspeed has a declarative security registry for doing so. This section will cover:

Lets get started. From the JPortal /tutorial distribution root directory, type:

maven -Dtutorial=4 jetspeed:deploy

Recommend bringing up these configuration files in your editor:

  • 1. tutorials/4/
  • 2. tutorials/4/templates/vm/portlets/html/simple-security.vm
  • 3. tutorials/4/anon/html/default.psml
  • 4. tutorials/4/turbine/html/default.psml
  • 5. tutorials/4/t4-portlets.xreg
  • 6. tutorials/4/

since we will reference them in tutorial 4.