Anonymous User

Anonymous users are users who have not been authenticated. The anonymous user interface is the default user interface displayed to users who have not yet signed on.

Some sites do not allow anonymous users to see anything on the site. Perhaps you only want to display a single portlet, or perhaps a portlet with static company information, a Signup portlet, and a Returning-User logon portlet. It all depends on your requirements.

The requirements for JPortal Tutorial are very simple: its a tutorial. We want to show all the tutorial portlets to everyone. We also want to show off some of the portlets that come with Jetspeed out of the box. It would be confusing to put all the portlets on one page all at once, so lets group together the portlets based on categories such as "Basic tutorials", "Advanced tutorials", "Jetspeed portlets", and "Referenced portlets". It would be nice to group these four categories into a manageable user interface components. Here are our four menu choices:

  • Basic Tutorials
  • Advanced Tutorials
  • Jetspeed Portlets
  • Referenced Portlets