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The following sites are based on Jetspeed. Please note that some of them are using the development version and their availability/stability may change from time to time.

URLDescriptionVersion This site lets you see the state of the latest development on Jetspeed. It is refreshed from the CVS Head every week or so. Also, it hosts the on-line Jetspeed Questionnaire portlet1.6 Czech Post Office1.5 GeoMIS.Bund - Geo-Spatial data search engine1.4b4 EU Orphan1.4b4 A development version, about current CVS + my patches, not always up.1.3a3 Guides, news and reviews on whats happening in Western Australia.1.5 Anglona Touristic Portal. Built on EJB, J2EE design patterns. Contents can be updated using a Content Management System developed by Atlantis. Extreme programming and Agile Modeling are the methodologies used for development. unknown Cone Information Systems - Italyunknown Esin Plast Plastic System Production - Italyunknown Engineers Australia - Queensland Divisionunknown An Indonesian publisher website that has more than 3800 membersunknown The Indonesia Publisher Organization website. This website gives its members (publishers) the ability to publish their catalog online, upload their books cover, put news, etc.unknown NMRShiftDB is an open-source, open-access, open-submission, open-content web database for chemical structures and their nuclear magnetic resonance dataunknown Jetspeed based site in Chile used to work internally and engage customersunknown Jetspeed based site in Chileunknown Jetspeed based site in Chileunknown A portal composed of various Java RSS feeds compiled together into one pageunknown Jetspeed based portal for PROGI-OUEST, a software firm in France, Nantes (West coast)unknown Jetspeed based portal of Valbosoft S.L., a software development company based in Spainunknown Product comparison site using Jetspeed for the portal and Lucene for the search capabilitiesunknown Portal for transnational project Eynetyard (European Network to Support Employment and Adaptability in Shipbuilding).1.4 Consultancy services in the areas of open source software.1.4 Information portal for the government of Lake County, Indiana1.5 A European Portal on Occupational Cancer (Worksafe EU Project - eContent Programme) developed and maintained by medical and occupational health research institutions and IT companies. 1.4b3

A version 1.2b2 is running at:

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