Jetspeed Community Portlets

The following is a list of Jetspeed portlets donated by the Jetspeed community. Please note that these are NOT supported by the Jetspeed project.

Portlet NameDescriptionJetspeed VersionDonated By
Mail PortletWeb mail portletJetspeed 1.4-b5Ender Kilicoglu
To Do List PortletThis portlet allows sharing of a workgroup "to do list". Items can be also assigned to other users or groups. They are organized into categories, and can be filtered.Jetspeed 1.4-b4Raffaele Ragni
Web Surf PortletWebSurfPortlet is a portlet which provides Web content navigation within the portal environment. WebPagePortlet which is included in Jetspeed package has been modified along with the accompanying HTML rewriter, called HTMLRewriter, to support such a feature.Jetspeed 1.3a2/a3Ozgur Balsoy
IframeProxyPortletPortlet that renders an iframe in the portal. In this case the portlet will pass references to an xsl style sheet(URL) and the id of the portlet to the BrowserServlet which will use this information to render content to the client and to maintain correct state for each portlet it may be gathering content for. It also will know and inherit the correct session information and know which cascading style sheet to use if specified. This portlet is also independent from cookies. Jetspeed 1.4Glen Carl
WebBrowserPortletPortlet that supports cookie-less operation, xsl transformations, proxy content, session state, and navigation without leaving the portlet. Settings allow parameters for url/html rewriting, pop-up content, proxied information, and xsl style sheet url. Jetspeed 1.4Glen Carl