Supporting Jakarta Projects

Jetspeed is dependent on many open source projects. We provide downloads to the most dependent projects used in Jetspeed:

The supporting projects for version 1.4b3 can be checked out from their cvs repositories for their given release tags

cvs co -r TURBINE_2_2_0 jakarta-turbine-2

cvs co -r TORQUE_3_0_0 jakarta-turbine-torque

Or the binaries are available here: Turbine 2.2 release binary

Torque 3.0 release binary

Upgrading Torque 3.0 b2 to Torque 3.0.0 or later

  • All Torque queries that used to return java.util.Vector now return java.util.List
  • DBConnection has been removed. You must convert your code to use java.sql.Connection
  • Accessors for PKs and FK columns return the actual data type, including Java primitive data types, not an ObjectKey (or derivative). For ex: a column that is an INTEGER called USER_ID will return have accessors :

    int getUserId()

    void setUser(int userId)
  • Torque.getConnection() (with no params) now throws TorqueException, java.sql.SQLException, javax.naming.NamingException (it used to throw just TorqueException)
  • releaseConnection() was changed to closeConnection(), and it no longer throws an exception
  • It appears that maxExpiryTime and connectionWaitTime have changed from milliseconds to seconds
  • {$webapp_root} no longer seems to work, just remove it
  • You have a lot more choice for Connection pooling, such as using JNDI, Jdbc2Pool, and ConnectionPoolDataSource. See the in Jetspeed cvs for examples. The format of the connection properties have changed. You will need to change your to the new format:

    # MySQL

    torque.dsfactory.default.connection.driver =

    torque.dsfactory.default.connection.url = jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/torque

    torque.dsfactory.default.connection.user = user

    torque.dsfactory.default.connection.password = password
  • now prefixes Torque properties with "torque."
  • Components are all prefixed with "services.ComponentService."
  • Jetspeed now uses the torque maven plugin. Please see doc at

Also see the Torque Change Log