To DO List

This document describes functionality that is either missing or not finished within Jetspeed as well as the owners of implementing or coordinating the implementation of these features.

If you are a new developer to Jetspeed or even an existing developer, these are areas where you can take ownership and help complete.

It is always possible to take ownership of any portion of the project. The way to do this is to communicate with the owner of the portion and then come to some sort of agreement about what portions you will be splitting up or taking over. If you cannot get a response from the people in charge of the projects, assume they are dead and fill yourself in.

If you need more detailed help, please send mail to the mailing list ( and ask your specific questions there.

Items for 1.4b4 release

The intent of this release is cleanup and documentation.

Bug #DescriptionOwner
15212Documentation. General review, document all features.DT, PS, RL, MO
15210Complete LDAP Security ServiceDT
15211Media Type fallback algorithms in Profiler, TemplateLocatorRL
15209Convert to Maven buildPS
15215Jetspeed QuestionaireMO
15214 Cleanup the logging. This is mainly housekeeping, but it include ssurrounding resource intensive debug logging with if (Log.getLogger().isDebugEnabled()) {}
15213Web Page Portlet
  • Integrated Web Page Portlet with Rewriter package.
  • Single Sign-on

Items for 1.4.0 release

The goal is to release this soon after Beta 3 since their are no To Do items.

Items that would be nice to included any time

Bug #DescriptionOwner
5440 Move localization property files, /src/java/org/apache/jetspeed/modules/localization/, to the WEB-INF/conf directory. This is simplify the configuration process, i.e. the number of directories..
Update URLManager service and syndication system to use different update schedules and use an event based refresh notification
New Portlets Wishlist
  • Lucene
  • Email
  • Scarab Bug Tracking
  • WIKI
  • Google