Content is the reason you use a web site or portal. Syndication of content is supported in Jetspeed via Open Content Syndication (OCS). Jetspeed also supports Rich Site Summary (RSS) to either broadcast changes in the Jetspeed pages or receive changes made in other channels.

Syndication is based on the concepts of channels, similar to TV-channels. Channel can be defined in different ways and with the growth of channel definitions there was a need for a format-transcending listing of syndications. Enter OCS. OCS is an XML application designed to enable channel listings to be constructed for use by portal sites and other applications. It lets a site easily share its public channels with portals from other organizations. For more information, please refer to the InternetAlchemy site.

Rich Site Summary (RSS) is an XML-based format developed by Netscape to drive channels for Netscape Netcenter. The goal of RSS is to propagate change on a site, inlcuding your Jetspeed site, to increase traffic. Using an RSS file, all you need to do is change one file, and all the external sites your channels are registered with with will automatically reflect those changes.

Examples of syndicated content that can be included in Jetspeed are:

General information on RSS and OCS can be found in the Open Directory .