Class Name : org.apache.jetspeed.portal.portlets.NewRSSPortlet


Present a RSS new feed in a portlet.

Rich Site Summary (RSS) is an XML-based format developed by Netscape to drive channels for Netscape Netcenter. The goal of RSS is to propagate change on a site, including your Jetspeed site, to increase traffic. Using an RSS file, all you need to do is change one file, and all the external sites your channels are registered with will automatically reflect those changes.

The formatting of the RSS into a portlet is controlled by the stylesheet. If formatting changes are desired, create a new stylesheet and do not edit the one distributed with Jetspeed. This will insure your changes are preserved across updates.

General information on RSS can be found in the Open Directory.

RSS format information can be found in the

Supported Media Types

Description of Media Types.

  • html
  • wml

Element: meta-info

Portlet title and description. By default the title is the name of the portlet and there is no description.

This element is optional, but it's use is suggested.

General information about of meta-info.

Element: parameter

Parameter that control the how the web page is converted into a portlet.

These elements are optional.

Parameters common to many portlets.

Parameter NameDescription
itemdisplayed The number of items from the RSS file to display on screen.

If not present, Default 15 for HTML, 5 for WML
openinpopup Should links be opened in a new browser window?

This parameter was added in version 1.3a3.

If not present, Default: false
trueLinks will be opened in a new browser window
falseLinks will be opened in the current browser window
showdescription Should the portlet show the item descriptions and icons?

If not present, Default: true for HTML, false for WML
trueItem Description is displayed
falseItem Description is NOT displayed
showtitle Should the portlet show the channel description and icon.

If not present, Default: true for HTML, false for WML
trueChannel Description is displayed
falseChannel Description is NOT displayed
showtextinput Should the portlet show the text input.

If not present, Default: true for HTML, false for WML

trueText Input is displayed, when present.
falseText Input is NOT displayed
stylesheet[.<mime type>] The stylesheet URL. If a mime-type is specified, the stylesheet is only used for this mime-type

File name, including path relative to <jetspeed_home>

Element: url

Contains the URL of the RSS news feed. The returned page should be a RSS formatted XML file.

This element is required.

General information about of URL.

Good URLs:

Basic URL
1 Parameter passed
2 Parameter passed

Bad URLs:

No protocol, http:// or hostname
Contains & instead of &amp;.

Example of Registry Entry

<portlet-entry name="Apacheweek" hidden="false" type="ref"
    parent="RSS" application="false">

Know problems (version 1.3a1)

  • <textinput> not correctly implemented. Fixed in 1.3a2