Class Name : org.apache.jetspeed.portal.portlets.FileServerPortlet


Present HTML in a portlet.

Why use a HTML portlet instead of a WebPagePortlet?

  • HTML is a static
  • Not a complete HTML document, i.e. <HEAD> is not in file
  • HTML file does not have to be visible to the Web Server
  • Specific task can not be achieved with WebPagePortlet
  • Desired portlet is just an image, like JPEG or SVG

Supported Media Types

Description of Media Types.

  • html

Element: parameter

Parameter that control the how the web page is converted into a portlet.

This element is optional.

Parameters common to many portlets.

Element: url

Name of HTML file. This must include the path relative to <jetspeed_home>

This element is required.

Example of use

Portlet Entry
<portlet-entry name="Logo" hidden="false" type="ref"
    parent="HTML" application="false">
        <description>Example of HTML portlet</description>

     Portlet contains the Jetspeed logo. This could be a
     link to SVG graphic trending the corporate stock over the 
     last 30 days.
<a href="">
  <img src="images/jetspeed-logo.gif" alt="Jetspeed Logo">