Installing Java, Eclipse and Ant

If you have not already done so, install Java , Ant and Eclipse.

Download the JetExpress portal source

You can download the JetExpress source code from Tutorial Download Location. Additionally, you will need to download a Jetspeed final release installer.

The distribution kit is described in more detail in the Tutorial Distribution Kit document.

Once you have downloaded the distribution kit, expand the two projects: jetexpress, express-demo, directly into your Eclipse workspace.

Project Directory Structure

The structure of the JetExpress project is described in Project Directory Overview. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the structure.

Creating the JetExpress Project in Eclipse

Once the project is installed on your disk, it can be setup as an Eclipse Project by simply importing the project in place.

The project is now ready to build but still needs some property changes before it can be deployed for testing on the servlet engine.

Ant Targets for JetExpress

When Ant is used to build a project in Eclipse, the project must have a file called "build.xml" in the root directory. This file contains the list of tasks that Ant can execute. These are called "targets".

Before getting started with the tutorial, review the Ant targets that are available in the JetExpress tutorial's build.xml file.:

Ant Properties

There are a few critical properties that must be configured. See the reference which are also discussed below.

Change the Jetspeed-2 Server (Tomcat) Location Property

JetExpress comes with a built-in servlet engine. When you run the installer, you can choose which directory to install the servlet engine into. The installer will allow you to select a location to install the JetExpress portal into. After running the installer, please remember the directory where you installed into. There are a few development-mode targets in Ant that need to know where Tomcat is installed. Set the property in your, for example:

app.server.home = /JetspeedTraining/servers/tomcat-express

Change the Jetspeed-2 Server (Tomcat) Location Property

One of the resources downloaded is the Jetspeed 2.1.2 installer. Please place the installer someplace on your file system, and then update the property:

installer.src.jar = /JetspeedTraining/installers/jetspeed-2.1.1-dev-installer.jar