Overview of the Custom Portal Directory Structure

The directory structure for developing a custom Jetspeed portal is designed to be similar to the directory structure of the Jetspeed-2 core source tree.

Note that this directory structure only covers the custom portal itself. Each portlet is a separate project with its own directory structure.

Here is an overview of directories (directories are relative to the custom portal project root):

directory explanation
dist Distributable files(wars, jars) created during the build, such as installers or web applications
src/installer Customized installation script for the Jetexpress installer
src/sql Jetspeed XML seed data to provide initial test data for the portal(user, roles, profiling rules...)
src/webapp/decorations/layout Page decorations (skins) to brand the custom portal (CSS, images, HTML)
src/webapp/decorations/portlet Page decorations (skins) to brand the custom portal (CSS, images, HTML)
src/webapp/WEB-INF/pages The collection of folders and pages that make up the Portal Site for the Jetexpress portal
jetexpress/targetTemporary build area used by Ant
Place the web application here that are required to run the jetexpress portal