Welcome to the Jetspeed Tutorial!

The Jetspeed Tutorial is a step-by-step set of instruction and source code for creating a custom Jetspeed Portal from scratch.

When starting a new Jetspeed portal project, we strongly recommend that you create a custom portal project, and do not edit the Jetspeed-2 source and resources directly.

This tutorial will guide you through the steps to create a sample portal named jetexpress. The goal of this tutorial is to prepare you for creating your own custom Jetspeed portal, complete with your own set of portal pages, your company logos and text, your own set of portlet applications, and any special integration required to run inside Jetspeed.


  • Java 1.4 or higher
  • Maven-2
  • An internet connection so that Maven can download plugins

Before getting started with the tutorial, review the Custom Build commands available to you:

Tutorial Resources

During the tutorial, at times you will be asked to copy files from the resources directory. You can cut and paste the copy | cp commands (for Windows and Linux) into a shell, and copy the resources into your new custom portal project. These commands are not really a part of the normal development cycle, but are there to demonstrate the incremental changes to the portal as we progress through the tutorial.

To get started with the tutorial, click here: Start Tutorial