Download Jetspeed-2 Distribution

Jetspeed-2 is distributed in several formats for your convenience and distributed under the Apache License, version 2.0 .

There are two kinds of binary distributions. Neither one is dependent on the other. The demo is best for seeing more features. The minimal installer could be useful for basing your own portal distribution upon, or just seeing the basic feature set of Jetspeed.

  1. Minimal Installer and EAR - only contains a Jetspeed Portal and the Jetspeed Administrative Portlets, with a minimal Site map and set of users
  2. Full or Demo Installer and EAR - contains a Jetspeed Portal, the Jetspeed Administrative Portlets, a full demo Site Map, 10 users. Additionally, there several portlet applications including an RSS application, a Database Browser application, a Web Content application, and a set of demo portlets including Google Maps, weather portlets, and lots of programming examples to get you started.

Jetspeed-2.1.4 Installer Distribution

Distribution Mirrors Checksum Signature
Jetspeed-2 Standard with only the required Administrative Portlets jetspeed-2.1.4-installer.jar here here
Jetspeed-2 Demo With lots of demo Portlets: RSS, JSF, JPetstore and many more Jetspeed-2.1.4-demo-installer.jar here here

Both the installers support the following databases for Jetspeed: Derby (default), DB2, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SapDB, as well as manual (do it yourself) configuration of other databases.

Furthermore, through a provided Ant script after installation, reinitializing or switching to another database is a simple one step operation.

Complete instructions for getting started using the installer is available here.

Jetspeed-2.1.4 Source Distribution

Mirrors Checksum Signature here here here

System Requirements

The list of systems requirements for Jetspeed-2 is available here.

Migrating Guide

Important information for migrating existing Jetspeed-2.0 and Jetspeed-2.1 installations to Jetspeed-2.1.4 is provided in the migration guide.