Overview of the Tutorial Directory Structure

The Jetspeed Ant Tutorial is provided as zip files and downloaded from the Apache Portals website. There are two projects available for download: the source code for a Custom Jetspeed Portal named "jetexpress" in the jetexpress.zip distribution, and an example portlet application named "express-demo" found in the express-demo.zip directory.

Note that we make a clean separation between the portal (Jetspeed) integration code, and the portlet application. Additionally, you will be required to download an official release of Jetspeed 2.1.2 in basic installer format. The Jetspeed installer is the foundation of a custom installer that we will create in this tutorial.

resource url explanation
Express Demo PAexpress-demo.zip The Express Demo Portlet Application. This application can be built with Eclipse WTP (Web Tools Platform) or Ant.
Jetexpress Custom Portaljetexpress.zipThe Jetspeed Custom Portal Ant Project. This project can also be editing in Eclipse and built with the Ant plugin for Eclipse.
Jetspeed 2.1.2 InstallerJetspeed 2.1.2 Installer The Jetspeed 2.1.2 installer. The tutorial custom portal is based on the 2.1.2 version of Jetspeed. The tutorial covers the steps of merging a released version of Jetspeed with customizations.
Jetspeed Shared Libraryjetspeed-library.zipThe Express Demo Eclipse project requires several references to Java libraries such as the Java Portlet API and Jetspeed API to compile. Download this zip, unzip the jars into a directory, and then setup a new Eclipse Classpath variable named JETSPEED_LIBRARY to point at this directory (Window->Preferences->Java->Build Path->Classpath Variables->New...) .