Building the Installer for the First Time

Now that you have configured the basic portal, we are ready to build the portal installer. In the Navigator view, right-click on the build.xml in the root of the project. Select the "Run As", then "Build ...". Check to ensure that create.installer is selected and click on the "Run" button.

Or, you can switch over to the command line, goto the jetexpress directory, and type ant create.installer. There is also a clean target that should be used to clean out the previous build

Note that we are building a minimal deployment. The Min deployment only creates a Jetspeed core portal and a Jetspeed Admin portlet application (j2-admin). When the build process completes, you should see the message BUILD SUCCESSFUL at the end of a large amount of build logging information The portal is built into a temp directory named target found directory under your jetexpress project directory.

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