Portlets Module

The Web Content Application 2 Portlets Module provides several portlets that have similiar functionality, but different approaches:

  • org.apache.portals.applications.webcontent2.portlet.IFrameGenericPortlet
  • org.apache.portals.applications.webcontent2.portlet.WebContentPortlet
  • org.apache.portals.applications.webcontent2.portlet.proxy.SimpleReverseProxyPortlet
All the portlets host content from a different website or local servlet inside a portlet window.


If you use Apache Maven in your project, then you can add the following dependency to use this module in your project.



The IFrameGenericPortlet achieves this by embedding an HTML iframe within a portlet.

The IFrameGenericPortlet can also host a content from a reverse proxy service (in either servlet or filter) included in the Reverse Proxy Module instead of the original SRC URLs. By using reverse proxy service with IFrameGenericPortlet, more sophisticated content can be served by setting content rewriting configurations or Cross-Domain Scripting can be enabled.


The WebContentPortlet takes a more complicated approach: it actually embeds the content of the remote website inside the HTML payload delivered by the portal, without the help of the browser. This approach is more complicated since it may require rewriting all links within the hosted website, that is, if you want to keep the website navigation inside the portlet window. While a noble cause, this approach is far from perfect and does not always work correctly.


The SimpleReverseProxyPortlet behaves as a reverse proxy by itself without having to use IFrameGenericPortlet with depending on a separate reverse proxy servlet or filter.

Secure versions of these portlets

If you are interested in secure versions of these portlets, see the Jetspeed-specific versions of the IFrame, ReverseProxyIFrame, or WebContent portlets found at the Jetspeed J2-Admin website. The SSOIFrame, SSOReverseProxyIFrame and SSOWebContent portlets leverage the Jetspeed SSO Services, and are not portable to other portal servers.