Modules Overview

Web Content Application 2 was redesigned and rewritten in order to maximize its modularity and support various use cases.

The Web Content Application 2 consists of four modules:

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Modules Description

Module Name Artifact ID Description
Content Rewriter apa-webcontent2-content-rewriter
Simple Content Rewriting API and default implementation components to be able to do simple text-basd rewriting or use other richer content rewriting framework such as HtmlCleaner.
Basically this module was designed to leverage other content rewriting frameworks unless the content rewriting requirements are simple enough to use simple text-based content rewriting. Therefore, this module limited its responsibility to defining very basic APIs such as org.apache.portals.applications.webcontent2.rewriter.ContentRewriter, org.apache.portals.applications.webcontent2.rewriter.Source and org.apache.portals.applications.webcontent2.rewriter.Sink as well as simple text-based ContentRewriter implementations.
Reverse Proxy apa-webcontent2-reverse-proxy
HTTP Reverse Proxy application framework for servlets, filters or portlets, providing YAML based proxy path mapping configurations and default content rewriter components.
Unlike the reverse proxy servlet implementation in Web Content Application 1, this module splits its responsibilities to several commands (org.apache.portals.applications.webcontent2.proxy.command.*) and assemble the commands in chains.
Also, instead of trying to implement every feature in a servlet with a lot of possible configuration parameters as we did in Web Content Application 1, this module simply provides generic reverse proxy servlet and filter as well as simple implementations ( org.apache.portals.applications.webcontent2.proxy.servlet.SimpleReverseProxyServlet and org.apache.portals.applications.webcontent2.proxy.filter.SimpleReverseProxyFilter ).
Therefore, developers can easily extend those classes to add (custom) behaviors (by adding a custom command for instance) in serve a reverse proxy in different forms.
Portlets apa-webcontent2-portlets
Various portlets serving remote content through either server-side HTTP Client handling or IFrame-based client-side page handling.
WAR Package apa-webcontent2-war
Packaged WAR module having apa-webcontent2-content-rewriter, apa-webcontent2-reverse-proxy, apa-webcontent2-portlets, and configurations and examples for servlets, filters and others.