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A portlet application dedicated to the development and database portlet development including scrollable lists and data entry forms. The 1.1 release contains one portlet, the Database Browser Portlet:


The portlet is configured with several init parameters for the view. You can just use the supplied templates:


Portlet Preferences configure the database connection:

Name Example Value Description
DatasourceType dbcp | jndi The type of data source to connect to. Valid values are dbcp (a pooled database connection configured locally), or a jndi data source configured by the application server
JndiDatasource jdbc/jetspeed The name of the JNDI data source. Only valid when DatasourceType is jndi
JdbcDriver org.apache.derby.jdbc.EmbeddedDriver The JDBC Driver qualified Java package and class name. Only valid with DatasourceType = dbcp
JdbcConnection jdbc:derby:JETSPEED-DEMO The JDBC connection string. Only valid with DatasourceType = dbcp
JdbcUsername The JDBC database user name. Only valid with DatasourceType = dbcp
JdbcPassword The JDBC database password. Only valid with DatasourceType = dbcp
WindowSize 15 The size of the browser window page
tableName CITY The name of database table to be viewed
conditions where POPULATION > 500000 The WHERE clause condition when retrieving database rows
columnNames ID,NAME,COUNTRYCODE,DISTRICT,POPULATION The columns to be selected and displayed in the list. If none specified, all columns are selected.
columnTitles ID,City,Country Code,District,Population The titles to display for selected columns, count must match columnNames preference
orderByColumns COUNTRYCODE,DISTRICT The columns to sort by

Here is an example database browser from the Jetspeed 2.2 demo distribution: