Welcome to Jetspeed

Jetspeed is an Open Portal Platform and Enterprise Information Portal, written entirely in open source under the Apache license in Java and XML. Jetspeed is an open component portal architecture based on standards. All access to the portal is managed through a robust portal security policy. Within a Jetspeed portal, individual portlets can be aggregated to create a page. Each portlet is an independent application with Jetspeed acting as the central hub making information from multiple sources available in an easy to use manner.

A portal based on Jetspeed can make applications, database information and other data sources available to end-users through a single web site. Jetspeed provides a security infrastructure so that the information and functions made available to each user can be customized on basis of the user or a role that the user has. The user can access the portal via a web browser, WAP-phone, pager or any other device supported by the servlet engine.

Users can personalize their experience, by adding new content with portlet customizers, styling their view with portal decorators (skins) and layouts. Personalization blends with secure access to provide a custom view of the portal based on runtime customizations and parameters.

Jetspeed provides the following personalization features:

  • Portlet Selector (search for portlets, add portlets, categorize portlets)
  • Portal Customizer (move portlets, choose decorations, layouts)
  • Desktop Customizer (same as portal, drag and drop, resizing, detach)
  • Portlet API Preferences Editors
  • Administrative Customization