The left hand Menu of the Portal Window contains additional navigation items. The links, pages and folders are pre-configured links that can vary based on a person's role or group. You may add new folders using the Folder Configuration option. Enter the Folder Name, Title and Short Title. The Short Title will be used for the name of the Folder in the left hand side menu. The Folder Name will be the name of the Tab in your window that appears when you click on your folder name in the Menu. Once you have the Folder created, you may change the name, move the folder left or right or delete the folder. You must have some information entered into the fields for these buttons to work. Using just the Short Title field will work.

You may add additional folders, add folders within folders and add tabs within each folder. Each new folder creates a new blank page that you may then customize by changing themes, layouts, Portlet Themes and adding portlets. The Menu on the left and the Tab bar across the top will change when you click on a folder name.

The Breadcrumbs bar underneath the leftmost Tab gives you navigation links back to the user home page.