About this guide

This User guide is designed for people who are new to Jetspeed or as a reference for navigating through the Jetspeed interface while logged in as a regular user. This guide is meant to be a foundation for those who wish to continue with the Admin guide, Deployers guide and Developers guide. Some concepts, such as security, may cross several guides but will be structured for the Role of that particular guide.

After reading this guide, the user will be able to:

  • Create a new user
  • Login to Jetspeed
  • Request a forgotten password
  • Change the language used in Jetspeed
  • Minimize, maximize and restore portlet windows
  • Edit a portlet's preferences
  • Add, move and remove portlets
  • Change the decorators of Jetspeed
  • Change the decorators of individual portlets
  • Create and delete tabs
  • Create and delete folders
  • Navigate through menu's and pages
  • Use breadcrumbs to navigate folders
  • Switch between Jetpeed desktop and portal
  • Use Jetspeed desktop
  • Logout of Jetspeed

User Guide

The User guide will not cover aspects relating to the Admin guide, Deployers guide or Developers guide. The User guide will focus on introducing the user to the means to log into the portal, navigate within the portal and customize the look and feel of the portal. A definitions page is included for important words or concepts that will make the guide more understandable for those unfamiliar with Portal's or Jetspeed.

Admin Guide

The Admin guide will not cover topics addressed in the User guide. This guide will be focused on any configuration and managment options that can be altered while Jetspeed is running. The administrator will have full access to configuring users, groups and roles through the administrative portlets.

Deployers Guide

The Deployers guide will not cover topics addressed in the User or Admin guide. This guide will address Administrative and Configuration tasks that can not occur while Jetspeed is running. A section of this guide will be dedicated to deploying Jetspeed on Websphere.

Developers Guide

The Developers guide will not cover topics addressed in the User, Admin or Deployers guide.