Ending your Jetspeed Session

Logout Link

The logout link is located in the upper right just above the portlet windows.

There are multiple ways to end your session with Jetspeed. The easiest and most secure is to click the logout link located in the upper right of the portal window. Logging out returns the user to the Jetspeed Welcome Page where you can login again.

Session Timeout

Session timeout occurs after a designated amount of time has passed and no interaction between Jetspeed the browser has occurred. This setting is configurable by your administrator. Interacting with Jetspeed at any time after the timeout has occurred will result in the user being presented with the Jetspeed Welcome Page.

Clearing Cookies

Clearing the browsers cookies will also result in the user being logged out. In certain situations such as SSO (Single Sign On), clearing the cookies can be the safest way to logout.