Jetspeed-2 Pipeline

As described below, one of key component of the Jetspeed-2 portal engine is its request pipeline.

In Jetspeed-2 request are processed through a series of Valve assembled together as a pipeline.

Request Pipeline

In Jetspeed-2, a request pipeline performs individual operations to the request.

Pipeline Concepts

A Pipeline is made of Valves chained together in a chain of responsibility pattern. The JetspeedPipeline implementation assembles a ordered list of Valves that are processed sequentially.

Jetspeed-2 Valves

Jetspeed-2 provides various type of Valve as illustrated below:

The above valves serve the following purpose:

Valve Name Description
ActionValve Check if PortletAction needs to be processed and process it, if required. Used in the portlet pipeline.
AggregateValve Invokes all Layout components in render mode to aggregate the generated contents and send the result to the client.
CapabilityValve Identifies the browser and adds a CapabilityMap to the RequestContext.
CleanupValve Looks for JSP pages that were pushed onto the org.apache.jetspeed.renderStack request attribute, and attempts to include them.
LoginValidationValve Checks if a login attempt failed and determines the cause.
PasswordCredentialValve Checks the PasswordCredential (only once) after a User is logged in and redirects to a change password page if necessary.
SecurityValve Authenticates the user or redirects to Login if necessary, adds the authenticated Subject to the RequestContext.