RDBMS Overview

Jetspeed-2 RDBMS component provide a layer of abstraction from the persistence mechanism used by Jetspeed-2. It provides facilities for datasource configuration as well as data access.

Datasource Configuration

Jetspeed-2 uses OJBPersistenceBroker API as its default persistence mechanism. The ConnectionRepositoryEntry component configures OJB for Jetspeed-2 as well as the properties available under /etc/db-ojb in the Jetspeed-2 source repository or WEB-INF/classes in a deployed instance of Jetspeed-2.

The datasource.xml spring assembly configuration file configures ConnectionRepositoryEntry and is located in WEB-INF/assembly/boot.

The ConnectionRepositoryEntry configures an entry in OJB's ConnectionRepository according to its properties. The properties driverClassName, url, username and password are used only if no jndiName is set, i.e. if the connection factory uses the driver to create data sources. The platform settings are derived from the configured data source or database driver using OJB's JdbcMetadataUtils class. The default Jetspeed-2 ConnectionRepositoryEntry configuration expose a datasource.

    <bean id="JetspeedDS" class="org.apache.jetspeed.components.rdbms.ojb.ConnectionRepositoryEntry">
      <property name="jndiName">

In order for OJB to be configured properly with Jetspeed-2, the OJB.properties file (located under /etc/db-ojb/OJB.properties in the source tree and WEB-INF/classes in the deployed application) must set:

instead of:

A class diagram of ConnectionRepositoryEntry and ConnectionManagerImpl is provided below:

OJB Datasource Configuration

The bean name provided in datasource.xml must match the jdbc-connection-descriptorjcd-alias property (by default JetspeedDS) located in OJB repository_database.xml as illustrated below.


Jetspeed-2 Datasource Configuration in Tomcat

Jetspeed-2 configure the following datasource in Tomcat. In the source tree, the Tomcat datasource configuration is located under /etc/conf/tomcat. When deployed Jetspeed-2 in a Tomcat instance, the Jetspeed-2 datasource configuration are deployed under ${tomcat_home}/conf/Catalina/localhost/jetspeed.xml. If a different portal name is being used for Jetspeed-2, the configuration file will be named accordingly.

    <Resource name="jdbc/jetspeed" auth="Container"
                 type="javax.sql.DataSource" username="" password=""
                 maxActive="100" maxIdle="30" maxWait="10000"/>