Search Overview

Jetspeed-2 provides an integration with the popular Apache Lucene, a high-performance, full-featured text search engine library written entirely in Java; a technology suitable for nearly any application that requires full-text search, especially cross-platform..

SearchEngine Overview

Jetspeed-2 provides a SearchEngine component configured as a spring component. The SearchEngine component is configured in WEB-INF/assembly/search.xml. The default implementation based on the embedded Lucene search engine must specify the location of the search index file, the name of the analyzer class (if null the default analyzer StandardAnalyzer is used), whether to optimize after update and the HandlerFactory:

    <bean id=""
  	  <constructor-arg index="0"><value>${applicationRoot}/WEB-INF/search_index</value></constructor-arg>
  	  <constructor-arg index="1"><null /></constructor-arg>
  	  <constructor-arg type="boolean"><valu>true</value></constructor-arg>
  	  <constructor-arg><ref bean=""/></constructor-arg>

The HandlerFactory provides the SearchEngine with a list of ObjectHandler that will handle the various document types supported by Jetspeed-2 for search. By default, Jetspeed-2 supports portlet instances and portlet definitions as searchable entities. When portlets are registered to the portal, searchEngine.add(pa) and searchEngine.add(pa.getPortletDefinitions()) are invoked. This action updates the Jetspeed-2 search index. For more information on how portlets are registered to the search engine, see

Document Handlers Overview

Document Handlers are responsible for the parsing of a specific document type in order to index the relevant document fields.

Jetspeed-2 provides 2 document handlers implementations responsible for parsing parsing the documents supported by Jetspeed-2 as The ParsedObject specify the list of fields and documents supported by Jetspeed-2 that can then be added to org.apache.lucene.document.Document and written to the index through indexWriter.addDocument(doc) operation of the IndexWriter.

By default, Jetspeed-2 can index portlet applications and portlet definitions respectively through the PortletApplicationHandler and PortletDefinitionHandler.

An Extensible Framework

As most components in Jetspeed-2, the search engine can easily be extended to support addional document types.