Getting Started

The following document describes how to install and configure your php-Applications System requirements Resources The PHP library needs to be in the path of the servlet container so that it can get invoked from the portlet. The library is platform specific. Download the library from the PHP site or from the links on the left. Linux: Windows: php4ts.dll & phpsrvlt.dll Servlet interface between PHP libraries and portlets. The package is automatically downloaded to the maven/repository/itgroundwork/jars directory during the build.phportlet-1.0.jar Entire source tree for PHP 4.3.6 which was used for building the shared libraries used by the portlet. PHP4 included the servlet and java extensions. The java and the servlet subdirectories were modified to work with the portlet part of the Portals Bridges Project Note: This version was successfully tested on Linux Source: PHP 4.3.6 source with modified java & servlet extension In PHP 5 the Java and Servlet extensions were removed from the core product. They are only available in the CVS repository. An initial effort went in to upgrade it to PHP5 API's. The source includes the modified Extensions for PHP 5.0.4 (java & servlet) Note: This version was tested with PHP 5 on Linux but it wasn't as stable as version 4.x. Using any PHP objects crashed tomcat. Running PHP 4.x style code worked without any problems and was stable. Setup Linux Windows Download and add the directory containing the library to the environment var LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Download php4ts.dll and phpsrvlt.dll and add the directory containing the libraries to the PATH.