About Apache Portals JSF Bridge

The JSF Bridge allows Java Server Faces to be run as JSR-168 compliant Portlets with very little change made to the JSF application.

Existing or new JSF Applications can be transparently deployed as Portlet Application or Web Application.

The latest release of Portals JSF Bridge is version 1.1

For examples of how to use the JSF bridge, please go to the JSF Portlet Demo application which J2's JSF Portlet Bridge.

J2's portlet bridge provides a generic JSF portlet that can be extended by your custom application or configured in portlet.xml in order to run a JSF application.

The <init-param> element of the portlet.xml can be configured to support multiple view when using org.apache.portals.bridges.jsf.FacesPortlet as a portlet class.

<init-param> Description
ViewPage The default page in view mode.
EditPage The default page in edit mode.
HelpPage The default page in help mode.
CustomPage The default page in custom mode.