About Apache Portals Bridges Common

The Portals Bridges Common library provides a common area for utilities and support code for developing bridges. The latest release of Portals Bridges Common is version 2.1 Some of the functionality provided includes:

Class Description
org.apache.portals.bridges.common.GenericServletPortlet A generic servlet dispatching portlet calls a servlet or JSP page, as defined by a Page preference, for the Action, Custom, Edit, Help, and View operations. This allow the use of existing servlets or JSPs in the portlet. Since this is a very thin class, it is up to the servlet, or JSP, to return properly formated content.
org.apache.portals.messaging.PortletMessaging Portlet API 1.0 implementation of Porlet Messages as an abstraction and a place holder for inter-portlet communication, should be replaced with Portlet 2.0 events in your code. (This code is still functional under Portlet 2.0 spec)
org.apache.portals.bridges.util.PreferencesHelper Helper function for mapping request parameters to the Action Request internal preferences map
org.apache.portals.bridges.util.PortletWindowUtils Helper functions for working with portlet windows and decoding and encoding window ids. Makes use of the PortletSession to determine the window id as specified by the Portlet Specification 1.0, PLT.15.3, as well as stores the determined value under the {@link #PORTLET_WINDOW_ID} in the portlet scope session.
org.apache.portals.bridges.util.ServletPortletSessionProxy Proxy for a Servlet HttpSession to attach to a PortletSession, providing only access to PORTLET_SCOPE session attributes and hiding the APPLICATION_SCOPE attributes from the Servlet. This Proxy can be used to isolate two instances of the same Portlet dispatching to Servlets so they don't overwrite or read each others session attributes.
org.apache.portals.bridges.common.ServletContextProvider Interface for general communication of a context to servlet bridge implementations such as the Struts bridge