Release Notes - Pluto 2.0.2

The list below outlines the issues that are addressed with release 2.0.2 .

The release notes of the previous release 2.0.1 are available here: release notes 2.0.1.


  • [PLUTO-569] - Threading issue in DefaulltPortletInvoker
  • [PLUTO-575] - Javascript fails to correctly clear out select boxes
  • [PLUTO-581] - org.apache.pluto.driver.url.impl.PortalURLParserImpl not properly decoding public/private render parameters
  • [PLUTO-583] - PortalURLParserImpl: unnecessary "?"
  • [PLUTO-590] - Nested dispatching from a portlet to two or more servlet/jsps does not retain the portlet contextPath when calling (servlet)request.getContextPath() but returns the portal contextPath
  • [PLUTO-591] - HttpServletPortletResponseWrapper incorrectly assumes MimeResponse.getPortletOutputStream() is upcastable to ServletOutputStream
  • [PLUTO-593] - Will not load portlets deployed in root servlet context
  • [PLUTO-594] - pluto-container-api-xxx.jar needs to include Specification-Version