Pluto Subprojects

Pluto 2.0 utilizes Maven 2 as it's project management and build automation tool. Pluto follows maven's best practices and is organized into modules or subprojects.

Container Subprojects

  • Pluto Container: The Pluto Container is the core compontent of the Apache Pluto project. All other modules either support the development. The Pluto Container is the reference implementation of the Portlet Specification.
  • Pluto Tags: The Java Portlet Tag Library implementation which is provided with the container.

Portal/Testing Subprojects

  • Pluto Portal Driver: A driver library for the Pluto Portlet Container. Provides service implementations and utilities for implementing a portal which utilizes the container.
  • Pluto Portal: The user interface components (web application) of the Pluto Portal. The pluto portal is a simple portal application which embeds the portal. The portal is not meant to be a full enterprise portal, but instead is meant to be an example of how to embed the container and a lightweight environment for developing and testing portlets.
  • Pluto Testsuite: A test portlet which can be used to exercise and test any portlet container.

Libraries and Supporting Subprojects

  • Pluto Descriptor API: A domain model which represents the deployment descriptors read by the portlet container. Contains service interfaces for reading and writing portlet.xml and web.xml.
  • Pluto Descriptor Impl: The default implementation of the Pluto Descriptor API Subproject. The default implementation utilzes castor for reading and writing portlet and web application descriptors.

Utilities and Tools (for working with the Pluto Portal)

  • Pluto Util: Utilities for working with the Pluto Portal. Includes libraries for installing pluto, assembling portlet applications for deployment in pluto, deploying to pluto, and publishing portlets to pluto.
  • Maven Plugin: Provides Maven goals for utilizing the Pluto utilities. Install the portal within a servlet container, assemble portlets, deploy portlets, and publish portlets to th Pluto Portal.
  • Ant Tasks: Ant tasks which allow developers to utilize the Pluto utilities within ant. Currently supports assembling wars for deployment within pluto.