The Pluto Project Mission

The Pluto Portlet Container is the Reference Implementation of the Java Portlet Specification. As such, Pluto offers the development community a reference for interpretation of the specification, portlet developers a container with which compliant portlets can be tested, and portal developers a compliant container with which they can integrate. This following document attempts to clarify the development priorities of the Apache Pluto project.

The primary concern of the pluto community is to ensure that the Pluto Container maintains compatibility with the most current Java Portlet Specification. Enhancements and bug fixes should be completed in a manner in which compatibility is maintained.

It is the responsibility of the pluto development team to ensure that no ambiguity is introduced into the reference implementation. No enhancements should be implemented which introduce questions about the specification.

It is desirable for Pluto to become a robust and easy to use portlet container. This will facilitate its wider acceptance and usage in the community. In order to accomplish these goals, it is assumed that enhancements which are above and beyond the specification will be introduced. These enhancements may be integrated with Pluto as long as they do not compromise the integrity of the reference implementation as described above.

Furthermore, functionality which is clearly beyond the scope of the specification should be documented as such and placed into a package which helps to distinguish it as such. The Pluto container should always remain fully specification compliant and in working state when these enhancements are removed. In most cases, this removal should be supported through configuration parameters.

Finally, while the pluto project contains several subprojects, it is important to realize that the container itself is the most important aspect of the project. It, in an of itself, is the Java Portlet reference implementation. The portal driver (Pluto Test Portal), testsuite, and deployer exist to simplfy the use and testing of the container. As such, any significant enhancements to these components (most especially the portal driver) should be scrutinized before implementation, as most likely, it is outside the scope of the pluto project and belong in a portal full implementation.