Building and Deploying a Custom Jetspeed Portal

Now that you have completed the build and deployment configuration of your custom portal, you are ready to build the portal. Inside the root directory of your project (jetexpress), run the following command only once:

mvn clean install

This is the standard build command, run it next:

mvn jetspeed:mvn -Dtarget=all

As well as building your custom portal project, this command also:

  • deploys both the portal and the portlet application to the Tomcat application server
  • creates the Jetspeed core schema tables in the Derby database
  • populates the database with a minimal set of portal information, including default roles, groups, profiles, and administrative users

Maven will produce a large amount of build logging information. The Jetspeed Maven Plugin invokes several other Maven goals during the build process, each resulting in a message "BUILD SUCCESSFUL". Eventually Maven will print a final "BUILD SUCCESSFUL" message and exit to the command line prompt.

Note: for finer grained build and deploy commands see the Build Commands Reference.

Note you can also build without $HOME/.m2/settings.xml pluginGroup with this command:

mvn org.apache.portals.jetspeed-2:mvn -Dtarget=all


Now that you have built and deployed the portal, lets start up the application server.

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