The Apache Portals Jetspeed Team is pleased to present the Jetspeed-2 Open Source Enterprise Portal. This open source project has matured past several releases, and has been fully-compliant with the Portlet Specification 1.0 (JSR-168) since version 2.0. Jetspeed-2 passes the TCK (Test Compatibility Kit) suite and is fully CERTIFIED to the Java Portlet Standard.

Jetspeed is fully-compliant with the Portlet Specification 2.0 (JSR-286), pasing the Portlet 2.0 TCK (Test Compatibility Kit) suite and is fully CERTIFIED to the Java Portlet Standard.

New Features for 2.3.1

Overview of new features in version 2.3.1:

  • [Security Patches] - Important Security Issues found by Apache Security Team
  • Improved Session based Portlet Preferences
  • Detached Portlets are now available in the Portal Pipeline
  • A Search input field is now shown on all decorators. A new Search Page with search results has been added. Currently only Registry and light documentation are indexed.
  • Improvements to the User Manager portlets: Filter By Groups, Email fields added.
  • Improved Responsive Decorators
  • Improved CSS in Site Manager and Constraints portlets

New Features for 2.3.0

Overview of new features in version 2.3.0:

  • AutoRefresh - portlets can now be configured to auto-refresh themselves in the jetspeed-portlet.xml deployment descriptor
  • Responsive Decorators and Layouts - a new set of responsive decorators and layouts have been introduced to work with mobile and full web devices
  • New Responsive Profiler Admin Portlet
  • New WebContent 2 Framework for IFrames and Secure rendering of remote content
  • Jetspeed API now fully supports Java generics
  • Support Tomcat7 out of box as default application server
  • New User Browser supporting large user data sets
  • Added support for Anding PSML Security constraints
  • Upgrading all JAR dependencies to latest versions
  • Set default compiler to Java 1.7
  • Improved Portlet Preferences and Security Caching
  • Upgrade Jetspeed to Servlet Spec 3.0
  • Upgrade Jetspeed to Portlet Spec 2.1.0

New Features for 2.2.2

Overview of new features in version 2.2.2:

  • Many JetUI improvements, see also Intoduction to JetUI
  • Portlet Cloning: allow site editors to quickly create new portlet variants based on modified preference and other descriptor settings: JS2-1232
  • Support for bulk migration of DBPSML based installations from 2.1.X to 2.2.X: JS2-1127
  • Admin roles security restriction on admin roles maintenance: JS2-915
  • Enforced portlet level security constraints checking at render time through custom jetspeed-portlet.xml metadata: JS2-1262
  • Apache Solr based portlet search engine: JS2-1246

New Features for 2.2.1

Overview of new features in version 2.2.1:

  • Jetui Client Side Customization Engine
  • Drag and Drop Support of portlets
  • Jetspeed Toolbox dockable portlet selector, layout selector, and skin selector
  • Dockable Jetspeed Navigator to navigate over spaces, maintenance over pages, folders, links
  • Jetspeed Spaces, secured areas of the portal site for workgroups and projects
  • JAX RS Services for Portal Customization and Registry manipulations
  • Open ID Support
  • Preview Portlet Mode from Jetspeed Toolbox
  • Improved LDAP synchronization, authentication, and maintenance of LDAP credentials
  • CAS Authentication
  • Dynamic PSML - dynamically overlay external site maps such as other web sites or content repositories onto the Jetspeed site map to dynamically navigate of external content within portal
  • PSML Templates - templacized, secured pages that overlay over URL addressable pages to merge template-portlets such as toolbox and navigator into a single page
  • Fragment References - also known as Portlet Instances - allow for referencing preconfigured portlets with preferences from a standard page
  • Improved Portlet API 2.0 Support and Compliance
  • Improved Installer to support two kinds of installations (min, demo)
  • New User Manager supporting true paging over large user databases

New Features for 2.2.0

Overview of new features in version 2.2.0:

  • Portlet API 2.0 Support and Compliance
  • Inter-Portlet Communication via Events
  • New High Speed Preferences Database Storage
  • New Extensible Security Model with LDAP Synchronization
  • Improved Documentation including 5 New Guides (Users Guide, Admin Guide, Developers Guide, Build Guide, Deploy Guide)
  • New Improved Administrative Portlets
  • New Skins
  • New Maven-2 Custom Build
  • Improved integration support for popular web development frameworks like Wicket, Spring MVC, and JSF
  • EAR deployment on Websphere 6.1


  • Fully compliant with Java Portlet API Standard 2.0 (JSR 286)
  • Fully compliant with Java Portlet API Standard 1.0 (JSR 168)
  • Passed JSR-168 TCK Compatibility Test Suite
  • Passed JSR-286 TCK Compatibility Test Suite
  • J2EE Security based on JAAS Standard, JAAS DB Portal Security Policy
  • LDAP Support for User Authentication
  • Implements and fully Supports Portlet Events and other standardized inter-portlet communication features of the Portlet API 2.0

Portal Engine Features

  • The Jetspeed Portal - Server-Side Parallel JSR-168/286 Portlet Rendering Engine
  • The Jetspeed Desktop - Web 2.0 Client-Side JSR-168/286 Portlet Rendering Engine
  • Full Support for JSR-168/286 Portlet Caching and per portlet cache configuration
  • Portlet Timeout Tracking with mimimal render time limits
  • Portlet Service Manager for automated removal of slow or dead portlets.
  • Parallel rendering on Websphere 6.1
  • New Fast Preferences Engine with version 2.2.0

Customization Features

  • Portal Page Customizer
  • Desktop Page Customizer
  • Nested Fragment Customization
  • Drag and drop moving of portlets
  • Resizing of desktop portlet windows
  • Portlet Selector with Portlet Categorizations, Full-Text Search of Portlets
  • Customizable Themes (Skins)


  • New Extensible Security Model with version 2.2.0
  • Portlet-level Security checks based on Security Constraints or Security Permissions
  • Declarative Security Constraints and JAAS Database Security Policy
  • Fully swappable Security Constraint or Security Permission support
  • Jetspeed SSO (Single Sign-on)
  • Delegation of Security
  • Administrative actions logged to Audit Activity database
  • LDAP Synchronization

Distributed Cluster Support

  • Jetspeed Distributed Cluster - support for distributed deployments of the portal on multiple application server platforms
  • Distributed Cache for portal components including preferences, registry and portlet entities.
  • Distributed invalidation of portlet cache

Foundation Component Architecture

  • Spring-based Components and Scalable Architecture
  • Configurable Pipeline Request Processor
  • Auto Deployment of Portlet Applications
  • Jetspeed Component Java API
  • Jetspeed AJAX XML API
  • PSML: Extended Portlet Site Markup Language
    • Database Persistent
    • Content Management Facilities
    • Security Constraints
  • Full security maintenance using LDAP is now supported for many LDAP providers

Portal Core Features

  • Runtime Portlet API Standard Role-based Security
  • Portal Content Management and Navigations: Pages, Menus, Folders, Links
  • PSML Folder CMS Navigations, Menus, Links
  • Rules-based Profiler for page and resource location
  • Role-based Aggregation of Visible Pages
  • Integrates with most popular databases including Derby, MySQL, MS SQL, Postgres, Oracle, DB2
  • Client independent capability engine (html, xhtml, wml,vml)
  • Support for Pocket PC
  • Internationalization: Localized Portal Resources in 12 Languages
  • Statistics Logging Engine
  • Portlet Registry
  • Full Text Search of Portlet Resources with Lucene
  • User Registration
  • Forgotten Password
  • Rich Login and Password Configuration Management

Administrative Portlets

  • User, Role, Group, Password, and Profile Management
  • Portal Site Manager
  • Remote Portal Application Deployer (RPAD) - hot deploy portlet applications from remote locations on the Web
  • JSR 168 Generic User Attributes Editor
  • JSR 168 Preferences Editor
  • SSO Manager
  • Permission Management (JAAS Security)
  • Security Constraints Management
  • Portlet Application and Lifecycle Management
  • Profiler Administration
  • Statistics Reports
  • Portlet Out of Service Manager
  • PSML and XML Import / Export Admin Portlet
  • Cache Manager

Web Framework Support and Sample Portlets

  • Bridges to other Web Frameworks: Wicket, JSF, Groovy, Struts, PHP, Perl, Velocity
  • Sample Portlets:
    • RSS, IFrame, Calendar XSLT, Struts Petstore, Bookmark, Database Browser
    • Integration with Display Tags, Spring MVC

Data Migration Features

  • XML Import/Export Utility for all Jetspeed database data to support data migration over versions
  • All initial portal data seeded with XML
  • XML Schemas for all XML content

Portal Design Features

  • Deployment Jetspeed Portlet and Page Skins (Decorators) CSS Components
  • Configurable CSS Page Layouts
  • Easy to Use Velocity Macro Language for Skin and Layout Components

Development Tools

  • Ant-based Installer
  • Tutorial
  • Automated Maven-2 Build
  • Jetspeed-2 Maven Plugin for Custom Portal Development
  • Maven-2 Profiles and Archetypes
  • AutoDeployment of Portlet Applications, Portal Resources
  • Deployment Tools
  • Plugin Goals integrated with Auto Deployment Feature
  • XML Schemas for PSML, jetspeed-portlet.xml, and Jetspeed XML (seed data)
  • Fully compatible and tested with Wicket, JSF and Spring MVC

Extended JSR-168/286 Features

  • Custom Portlet Modes and Window States: Edit Defaults, Configure, Print, About
  • Custom Window States: Solo
  • Dynamically hide Portlets at request time
  • Maximize on Edit Defaults or Edit modes option
  • Preliminary Portlet API 2.0 ResourceURL support providing full response control for JSR-168 based portlets

Other Features

  • Installation choice of either Demo Portal or Minimal Starter Portal
  • In-depth Jetspeed 2 Tutorial
  • Documentation Guides: Users Guide, Admin Guide, Developers Guide, Build Guide, Deploy Guide

Application Servers Supported

  • Tomcat 6
  • Jetty
  • Websphere 6.0
  • Geronimo
  • JBoss
  • Weblogic