Sample Usage

If you are creating your own Jetspeed portal, you may want to try following the steps outlined below and see how it works out for you. The example assumes you are creating a Jetspeed portal named "MyPortal". NOTE: you must build Jetspeed's WAR target, or download it (1.5 or greater), before continuing.

  1. mkdir MyPortal - create the directory to hold the MyPortal project.
  2. cd MyPortal
  3. maven jetpeed:genapp You will then be prompted to enter several parameters to help the application generator create your portal.
    Enter a project template to use: [default]
    Please specify an id for your application:  [app]
    Please specify a name for your application:  [Example Application]
    My Personal Portal
    Please specify the package for your application:  []
    Project TemplateA Maven template for creating Maven projects. Only the default template is currently supplied with the Jetspeed plugin. If you don't have your own template, simply leave this parameter blank and press enter.
    Id for application The identifier for your application. Note that this identifier will also be used for your web application name. Your portal will be addressable by this name. For example: http://localhost:8080/MyPortal
    Name for application A more descriptive name of your application.
    package The root package for your application, such as The root package is used by Maven for tasks such as generated java docs.
  4. Modify your in the root of your application, adding these lines:
    # use default Maven style project settings
    war.src = ${basedir}/src/webapp
    war.stage.dir = ${basedir}/stage
    maven.war.src = ${war.stage.dir}/webapp
    # location of the Jetspeed war file
    # NOTE: you must build this WAR file first
    maven.jetspeed.vanilla.war = ${basedir}/../jakarta-jetspeed/target/jetspeed.war
    # these property could also go in your $HOME/
    # the catalina version (4 or 5)
    # location of the catalina/tomcat
    maven.war.appserver.home = /projects/apache/catalina
    # the remote maven repo
    maven.repo.remote =,
  5. Add these lines as needed:
    # upgrade to latest version
    jetspeed.dist.version = 1.6-dev 
    # merge over the Jetspeed configuration files 
    # you must provide a corresponding file with the prefix ".merge"
    # For example: "" = JetspeedResources,JetspeedSecurity,TurbineResources,Torque
  6. maven jetspeed:deploy - Deploy the web application
  7. Run the application, start Tomcat, go to http://localhost:8080/MyPortal
  8. maven jetspeed:hotdeploy - to incrementally deploy the application during development only. If you change any Java classes, or any properties files that are only read on application startup, you may need to restart Tomcat