Jetspeed Plugin Properties (binary distribution model)

Property nameDescriptionDefaultRequired in
maven.env.nameTarget environment name. For example, your portal could be built for the following environments, each with different property settings: LOCAL | DEV | TEST | PROD. You may optionally specify this property using system property (for example: "maven jetspeed:war).No
maven.merge.propertiesComma separated list of property files to merge. For example: JetspeedResources,JetspeedSecurity,Torque,log4j,myNo
jetspeed.dist.versionVersion of Jetspeed binary distribution to use. Jetspeed binary distributions are kept in remote Maven repositories.1.5Yes
war.stage.dirLocation where binary distribution is temporarily expanded.${basedir}/stageYes
maven.war.srcOverride of Maven property which allows for merging with expanded binary distribution.${war.stage.dir}/webappYes

Jetspeed Plugin Properties (local .war file model)

Property nameOptional?Description
maven.jetspeed.vanilla.waryesLocation of the jetspeed.war file. By default ${plugin.dir}/jetspeed.war