Interface Summary
SiteSession Standard interface for all proxied sessions.

Class Summary
CachedResource A cached resource object, stored in memory to optimize access to static resources such as images and style sheets.
JetspeedSiteSession Represents a session with a site
JetspeedWebPageService This is the default implementation of the WebPageService interface.
ProxyRunData State information per request, easily passed within proxy service.
SecuredSite Holds the relevant state about a secured site.
SessionMap Stores a map of sessions with other sites for the current portal session.
WebPageConsoleServlet WebPageConsoleServlet is the main servlet entry point for the WebPage console.
WebPageHelper Helper methods for WebPage Service
WebPageManager This is a commodity static accessor class around the WebPageService interface
WebPageServlet WebPageServlet is the main servlet entry point for the WebPage Service server.

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