Interface Summary
URLManagerService This service provides a central repository for storing URL informations

Class Summary
JetspeedURLManagerService This implementation of the URLManagerService is backed by a simple map persisted on disk in a properties file
URLFetcher Handles fetching URLs and if for some reason anything happens add it to the BadURLManager.
URLFetcherDownloader Used for fetching URLs and adding them to the disk cache when Jetspeed is operating in CACHE_REQUIRED mode.
URLInfo This is a simple URL information record which can be used to track URL resources status in a persistent way.
URLManager This is a static wrapper around the URLManagerService for easing access to its functionalities

Exception Summary
ContentNotAvailableException Thrown if a URL was requested but it is not in the Disk Cache.
URLNotAvailableException Thrown if a URL is not available becuase it is in the BadURLManager.

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