Build Commands for Maven-2 and Jetspeed

Here is a quick summary of the current Jetspeed2 Maven2 build commands:

commands explanation
mvn performs base build and installs J2 artifacts in the Maven2 repository, (install is the default Maven2 goal for this build)
mvn -P test performs base build and includes execution of test cases, (includes test database setup)
mvn -P tomcat performs base build and deploys to Tomcat app server, (includes prodution database setup). Other app servers will be supported in the future, (see below for details)
mvn clean cleans all build target directories

Please note that the Maven2 repositories used by default with this build are generally saturated and the Jetspeed2 Maven2 repository does not yet contain a full mirror of the artifacts required to build Jetspeed2. If you experience download or connection failures, simply restart the build by issuing your last command again to retry.

Additional Profiles

The following profiles are optional and can be supplied when building/deploying to Tomcat

mvn -P tomcat,min specified that only the administrative portlets be deployed along with a minimal set of PSML pages.
mvn -P tomcat,full at the moment, this is the same as the default build: deploys a full J2 set of portlets and PSML pages.
mvn -P tomcat,nodb specifies that configuration of the production database should be skipped.
mvn -P tomcat,hot indicates that a portlet app, component, or content should be directly written to the deployed Jetspeed2 webapp.
mvn -P tomcat,dbpsml specifies portal build and database deployment/import to include configuration of database PSML.
mvn -P prod executes deployment to application server specified in settings.xml, (see below).

Currently, only Tomcat 5 and Tomcat 5.5 application servers are supported by this build. More platforms are to be supported in the near future.