Overview of the Custom Project Directory Structure

The portal-archetype generates a complete Maven-2 project directory structure for developing a custom Jetspeed portal as well as JSR 168 portlet applications. Here is an overview of directories created by the portal-archetype (directories are relative to the custom portal root):

directory explanation
/applications conventional subdirectory location for one or more portal application projects
/app-servers contains portal deployment builds and resources.
/components conventional subdirectory for one or more portal component projects
enterprise maven-2 build to create an J2EE enterprise archive (EAR) deployable file
etc/assembly custom portal application component Spring assemblies
etc/conf portal application context configuration files
etc/decorations custom decorations in images, layout, and portlet subdirectories
etc/pages custom portal PSML pages to augment/override minimal defaults, (e.g. /Administrative/**, /default-page.psml, /myaccount.psml, /page.security, and /system/**)
etc/schema Jetspeed2 database schema definitions
etc/sql Jetspeed base database configuration scripts
etc/templates custom overrides for Jetspeed2 layout portlet templates
portal portal application war build scripts and webapp resource overrides
src these directories are an artifact of archetype expansion and should be deleted