Running the SwingConsumer

Running the SwingConsumer

Start the Producer by starting Tomcat, if it's not already running.

Run the TCPMonitor program by running the following maven command:

      maven tunnel

The tunnel defaults to listening on port 8081 and sending to port 8080. The SwingConsumer sends to port 8081 by default. Note that you can also alter the relevant ports once the TCPMonitor is started.

Run the SwingConsumer by executing the following maven command:

      maven run-swingconsumer

Changing the SwingConsumer's Producer URL

The SwingConsumer stores persistent files in the wsrp4j/consumer-swingconsumer/target/persistence directory. In the producers subdirectory, edit the file named: org.apache.wsrp4j.commons.consumer.driver.ProducerImpl@WSRP4J.xml and change all the URLs.