Portlet API (V1.0)

Interface PortletRequestDispatcher

public interface PortletRequestDispatcher

The PortletRequestDispatcher interface defines an object that receives requests from the client and sends them to the specified resources (such as a servlet, HTML file, or JSP file) on the server. The portlet container creates the PortletRequestDispatcher object, which is used as a wrapper around a server resource located at a particular path or given by a particular name.

Method Summary
 void include(RenderRequest request, RenderResponse response)
          Includes the content of a resource (servlet, JSP page, HTML file) in the response.

Method Detail


public void include(RenderRequest request,
                    RenderResponse response)
             throws PortletException,
Includes the content of a resource (servlet, JSP page, HTML file) in the response. In essence, this method enables programmatic server-side includes.

The included servlet cannot set or change the response status code or set headers; any attempt to make a change is ignored.

request - a RenderRequest object that contains the client request
response - a RenderResponse object that contains the render response
PortletException - if the included resource throws a ServletException, or other exceptions that are not Runtime- or IOExceptions.
java.io.IOException - if the included resource throws this exception

Portlet API (V1.0)

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