Apache Portals exists to promote the use of open source portal technology. We view portals as an important technology in in the growing portal and web application environments. We intend to build freely available portal software in order to promote the use of this technology.

To provide reference implementations Java and W3C Standards such as the

  • Java Portlet Standard (Pluto)
  • WSRP Portlet Standard (WSRP-4J)
To provide portal implementations including:
  • Cocoon Portal
  • Jetspeed-1
  • Jetspeed-2
  • PHP Portals (TBD)
To provide fully working and standardized portlet applications:
  • Jetspeed Content Replication Engine
  • Jetspeed Portal Administration Application
  • (TBD)
To provide common frameworks and tools for developing portal software
  • CPS (Cornerstone Portlet Services)
  • Struts Portlet Application Framework
  • Python Portlet Application Framework
  • Turbine Portlet Application Framework
To provide portal interoperability frameworks and tools for programming languages including
  • Java
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Python
  • ...