Downloading Releases

Official releases of the Apache Portals projects can be downloaded from the Apache Mirror System. See the Binary and Source Distribution section below for downloading releases.

Releases: Binary And Source Distributions

To download the latest releases as binaries or source, you can get them from the Apache Mirror System in the /portals subdirectory.

Nightly Build Snapshots

Apache Portals currently does not provicde nightly snapshot builds.


You can check out the latest source from the Apache Portals CVS modules. Information on connecting to the Apache Portals repositories is found here.

Building The Source

Be sure and read the GETTING-STARTED documentation for each Apache Portals project for instructions on how to build the project. Apache Portal projects require Maven as its build system, and building is usually as simple as running 'maven' or 'maven jar:jar' at the top of the source directory. Builds vary on a per project basis.